The Maxwell Quartet Appointment


The Maxwell Quartet

I am delighted to announce my recent appointment as the new violist of the Maxwell Quartet. I have been on trial with the quartet since September 2014, accepting the post earlier this year and I am very happy to publicly announce the news.


I have wanted to play in a professional string quartet all my life. To get the chance to work in this format is a huge thrill for me, especially alongside Colin Scobie, George Smith (violin) and Duncan Strachan (cello), with whom I hugely respect as musicians and find excellent company. The quartet has some very exciting concerts coming up over the next year and I am really enjoying the challenges presented by the repertoire we have programmed. The quartet wrote:


“We are absolutely delighted to welcome Elliott to the quartet as our new violist. Elliott is a phenomenal performer who brings great insight and musicianship to the group. It has been a joy getting to know Elliott over the past few months, and we are sure that we have an exciting future together”


For more information about the quartet, click HERE


Although I have played more than ten of the last concerts with the Maxwells already, why not come and hear us in our “official” new line-up in London at Sutton House on the 22nd March at 3pm where we will play our first performance of Schubert’s Gmajor Quartet.